Theories & Meditations

-- Is a collection of earlier modular synthesis, than in "Finality." Minimalist in style, and textural in character, this album is easy to get lost in completely. It is a collection of melodic ideas and ambient meditations.

"Synth Train" by Sethesizer


-- Debuted in 2009 with the most advanced algorhythms for compositional synthesis. Featuring advanced exercises in ratios between elements that create a near perfect experience.

"Finality 9"by Sethesizer


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"Theories & Meditations"

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glenda keith - Sunday, July 12th, 2009 5:18 PM EDT
Finality is a relaxing yet energizing sound scape. The tones remind me of a bubbling stream or the tide coming in on a pebble filled beach. A variety of "voices" populate this entertaining musical stream.